Cam in bush

Cam Can Services is comprised of a dedicated team of people which continues to grow as his business develops. People are engaged with Cam Can Services in a number of different ways. His Support Crew, support workers, house mate, neighbours, customers, other supporters and the local community are essentially a team of people who support Cam Can Services and hold Cameron in good stead. Working or supporting Cameron in any capacity means you're never alone - you're a valued member of a much broader team.

1. Cameron Whitelaw's Support Crew is a key group of family and friends who ensure Cameron's business and other areas of his life are in good shape.

2. Support Workers - these people fulfil an extremely important role. Good support workers who believe in Cameron and his abilities, respect him and hold him in high esteem achieve terrific outcomes for Cameron and for themselves. Support workers assist Cameron to perform the tasks associated with his jobs and are the quality control for work performed. They are also important people who help Cameron to become independent and responsible in performing every day tasks at his home. Cameron is a young man who also loves to unwind and have fun and when all the work is done, there is usually time to socialise, recreate and have some fun!

3. Customers who engage Cam Can Services are generally people who wish to support Cameron in his endeavours to be a contributing member to society. As much as they expect a job well done, they are also understanding of the challenges that Cameron is presented with. Many happy customers engage Cam Can Services to provide services on a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

4. Other supporters. These comprise organisations and businesses that have been instrumental in helping Cameron and his business to become the successful enterprise it now is.

5. The people whose roles are intrinsic in enabling good outcomes for Cameron every day include his house mate and neighbour. In amongst the coming and going of support workers, friends and family, these wonderful individuals are a constant in Cameron's life.

If you feel you have a valuable contribution to make to Cam Can Services we are always willing to listen and learn. Feel free to contact us.