Cam cleaning car

Our services
Cam Can Services provides a waiting service to an identified niche market for busy people. No longer do you need to take time away from work to wait for installations and deliveries. Cam Can Services will do the waiting for you!

While waiting, Cam Can Services offers a range of other services including car washing, garden tidying and external house maintenance. These can be provided at a reasonable additional cost. They can also be requested seperate to a waiting service booking and on a regular basis or as required.

Further, Cam Can Services supports the local community. A pick-up and delivery service is offered free of charge to disadvantaged people living in the local community of Melville Shire (Western Australia).

How we operate
You can log your enquiry or book your job either on-line or by calling our Coordinator on 0413 836 664. Your request will be responded to within 12 hrs.

Cameron Whitelaw, the Principal business operator of Cam Can Services and his support worker will arrive at your home and perform the requested services as per your booking.

Cam Can Services owns all tools and equipment required to provide the services offered.

All due care is taken to ensure work is completed to the highest standard.

Cam Can Services meets all necessary public liability and workers' compensation insurance requirements.

An invoice will be issued by the Coordinator of Cam Can Services following completion of work.

As Cam Can Services is a developing SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) wishing to build on a strong business foundation, all constructive feedback is welcome. Please send your comments to our Coordinator.

The big picture
Cam Can Services is a business developed specifically around the skills and interests of Cameron Whitelaw, a young man who has a disability. Upon leaving school in 2008, the main stream options available for Cameron to secure a job and live a fulfilling life as a contributing member in his local community were extremely marginal.

Recognising that Cameron deserved more, a small group of family and friends namely "Cameron Whitelaw's Support Crew" worked together and made it their mission to ensure Cameron would have the best opportunity to live a typical life. The enormous challenge to design and build a Small to Medium Enterprise for Cameron to operate was equalled only by the Crew's determination to guarantee Cameron a good life as he deserved.

Cam Can Services provides a unique service to customers. It also provides Cameron with a real job and responsibilities. Through the work he does, Cameron is continually developing skills, facing new challenges and meeting people. He is building a life for himself as a valued contributing community member.

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